We use technology and real-time data to help you achieve your goals

Cadence uses the latest technology to help members take full control of their personal health and fitness.

Classes are driven by innovative Stages Flight technology, which keeps track of your progress. You can access it from anywhere – on smartphone, iPad or desktop – and compare your results against your mates or set your own goals.

Stages Flight learns from your past workouts and sets the intensity of your rides. As your fitness improves, your workout will change too so you can continue to be pushed.

It tracks how fast you can pedal with relative ease for a pro-longed period (functional threshold power – FTP) and adjusts your workout.


Stages Flight products

You are now able to track EVERY workout activity, indoors AND outdoors, with Stages Flight.

Use your smartphone GPS, heart rate sensor and power sensor to get a complete record of your activities. understand what power is, and how YOU can use it to improve your fitness and level.


Enjoy the chase - challenges and competition

Cadence uses Stages Flight technology to invite indoor cyclists into a whole new world of exciting cycling experiences, challenges and competitions. Our instructors can organise for cyclists to race against themselves, each other or time.

With the route maker powered by Google Maps, indoor cyclists can test their strength against any route imaginable. The route and the position of each cyclist are visualised on the screen allowing everyone to follow the race and their individual performance. We find this creates a competitive and motivating environment.



Follow the wheel and visualise your journey

Cadence riders can follow the wheel on the screen in front of them. The gauge shows the performance data of each cyclist.

We track your watts (power), cadence (rpm), speed, time, distance and heart rate so you always know how you are performing and continue to push your limits to make progress towards achieving your goal.