The key to a successful workout is staying hydrated so drink lots of water. We recommend drinking water before, during and after your session. It’s also a good idea to have a light snack 30 minutes before you train too.


What to Wear

There’s no need to buy new gear or be a style icon – just wear a T-shirt or tank top and some shorts or form-fitting pants. Just make sure you are comfortable. You don’t need special shoes either - whatever shoes you normally wear for workouts will do just fine. Remember to bring a sweat towel. You’ll need it!



Arrive Early

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your class starts – you don’t want to be rushed with your set-up. Let us know that it’s your first time and we’ll happily get you set up and ready to go.


Bike set up


Our instructors will happily help you to determine the best seat height for you and will record these settings for your next class. Adjust the set height while you are wearing your workout/cycling shoes. To get a rough estimate of the correct seat height, stand next to the bike and set the height so it is level with the top of your hip bone. Then sit on the seat, place your feet on the pedals and push down on one side until one of your legs is at the bottom of the stroke. Your leg should still have a slight bend of approximately 20 degrees. Adjust the set up or down to achieve this.

Position icon 5

For your first workout, your instructor will happily help you to adjust both the handlebar height and the horizontal positioning of your seat. Most people set their handlebars equal to their seat height but if this is not comfortable then it is best to adjust your handlebars above your seat height – 0 to 12.5cm covers most body types.

Now you can adjust the forward or backward (horizontal) position of the seat to ensure that your knees are correctly aligned in relation to your feet. Sitting on the seat, hands on the handlebars and feet correctly on the pedals, position the pedals so that they are even/level with one another. If the kneecap of your forward leg is positioned directly of the centre of the pedal – you’re all set. If not, adjust the horizontal position of the set until you achieve this.


What to expect

We all had to start somewhere and the Cadence workout is the perfect way to begin. Nervous? Unsure? There’s no need to be – the Cadence instructors are here to answer any questions you might have and to keep you motivated.

Why the Cadence workout? icon 6

Aside from all of the great fitness benefits, Cadence workouts can help with the following:

  • Relieves stress
  • Provides a challenge with like-minded people
  • Offers the benefit of low impact exercise
  • Exercise in a safe, friendly environment
  • You can get fit and lose weight rain, hail, shine or snow
  • It’s great fun

With the specially designed Cadence workout we'll help you maximise calorie burn in our 45 minute classes*.

Our classes are suitable to all ages and fitness levels* - from beginners to advanced – with a fun approach and the latest music. All classes are conducted by inspiring, approachable, energising instructors who will push you to your limits but you’ll feel amazing when you’re done – guaranteed.

Classes are short and efficient – that’s what it’s all about at Cadence. Visit the studio today or contact us to learn more.

*Results may vary by participant. Seek medical advice before beginning any new fitness program.