The Cadence workout is total body conditioning

Cadence classes are designed as an overall body workout that works your upper, lower, cardiovascular system and all the major muscle groups for maximum results and overall fitness.


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Maximum calorie burn

With the specially designed Cadence workout we'll help you maximise your calorie burn in our 45 minute classes*.

Classes are suitable to all ages and fitness levels* - from beginners to advanced – with a fun approach, the latest music. All classes are conducted by inspiring, approachable, energising instructors who will push you to your limits but you’ll feel amazing when you’re done – guaranteed.

The Cadence workout includes a unique fat burning formula to help you to reach your weight loss goals while achieving a boost to your overall fitness.

In our 45 minute classes you’ll receive a workout like no other. Short and efficient – that’s what it’s all about at Cadence. Visit the studio today or contact us to learn more.

Cardio Gear - Our bikes

We insist on a smooth ride and that's why we've invested in the best indoor cycling bikes money can buy. Made by Stages in USA, our bikes use the same highly engineered design as Stages Road bikes that have helped international athletes take out titles in Tour de France, Lifetime Tri Series, Junior Word Downhill Champs and more. Our bikes are the cycle enthusiasts dream. 


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*Results may vary by participant. Seek medical advice before beginning any new fitness program.