It only takes 8 weeks to transform your health and fitness. 

Why do we do the 8-week Challenge?

Whether you're currently in training or not, it's important to set periodic goals. With our winter 8-week Challenge, it's the perfect time to refresh your goals for the year or kick-start a new set to carry you through to spring and see real results in just 8 weeks. Inquire now.

Our January 2018 challenge was a roaring success, with our two winners each losing 10kg and smashing their fitness test targets. 

Judging takes in to account greatest transformation - physical appearance, fitness testing and body composition.

Key dates

  • Sign-up until 2 June
  • Fitness testing 2 June, 30 June, 28 July
  • Winner announced the first week of August

What are your goals?

The 8-week Challenge keeps people on track for:

  • Body fat loss - our programme of classes will help you achieve your weight-loss goals
  • Nutrition - we will have you eating better with help from a nutrition plan
  • Sleep - the quality of your sleep will improve
  • Energy levels - will increase with more activity and better nutrition
  • Lean muscle gain - getting on and off the bike will concentrate on toning muscle - upper and lower body and core
  • Cardiovascular fitness - high-intensity sessions with consistent motivation will boost your cardiovascular fitness through the roof

Be in to win

In conjunction with Flight Centre Ferrymead, the winner of our 8-week transformation challenge will receive a three-night stay in the Gold Coast, including flights and accommodation for two.

Donations go to Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

Throughout the challenge, we will be introducing multiple ways for Cadence and its members to donate to Christchurch's Cholmondeley Children's Centre, including part of the 8-week Challenge investment.

What do you get as part of the 8-week Challenge?

  • Access to a Cadence app that gives you a direct line to a group of industry professionals, including a nutritionists, fitness professionals and mindset coaches. 
  • Access to a forum for members who are also taking part in the challenge. Motivate, support and share your experiences with them.
  • The Cadence diary will track your progress over the 8 weeks.
  • Entry into the 8-week Challenge competition - first prize is a trip to two to the Gold Coast.
  • Eligibility for our spot prizes.
  • Start, mid-challenge and finish-line fitness testing conducted by the Cadence crew.
  • Use of the InBody scanner to truly assess your physical health and monitor ongoing. It's the most accurate, precise, and convenient method to measure body fat, muscle mass, and much more.

Time for the challenge - inquire now via email or call 021 1350 030.