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Healthy habits: Ways to connect to nature

There are countless studies out there highlighting the health benefits of connecting with nature daily. Here are Cadence Manager T’s recommendations on how to connect and enjoy nature at its finest.

Posted by T Ngarimu - 3 months ago

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Best mindfulness apps

Cadence has investigated the most popular mindfulness apps available for download to figure out which ones deliver what they promise – better sleep, less anxiety, and increased focus. Here are the five we think are worth your full attention.

Posted by Korey Gibson - 3 months ago

Tags: Opinion

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Five ways to boost motivation and stick to your workout schedule

At all times of the year, we find excuses to skip our workouts. It’s wet, dark and cold outside, and all you want to do is go home, make a...

Posted by 'T' Ngarimu - 6 months ago

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8-week Challenge: Vanessa's getting wedding fit

Writer Vanessa Ortynsky started her 8-week Challenge with Cadence to set her on the right track for her wedding day.

Posted by Vanessa Ortynsky - 6 months ago

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Why you need to do resistance training

Resistance training should be part of everyone's workout programme despite their goals. At Cadence we get on and off the bike for a truly fun full-body workout with long-term benefits for the heart, joints, bones and mind.

Posted by Emma Trott - 9 months ago

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Top 10 fitness trends for 2018

The Founder of Cadence Cycling Studio, has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years; here are his views on what we can expect to see dominating the fitness world this year - HIIT, yoga fusion, group fitness, technology and strength training.

Posted by Korey Gibson - 9 months ago

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Your guide to sustainable weight loss

If you’re someone who has spent most of your thirties (and beyond) trying to shift a few kilos, you’re not alone.

Posted by 'T' Ngarimu - 9 months ago

Tags: weight loss, nutrition

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